Superhero Colouring Packs

  • Creative and Educational

    More than a toy

    Colouring is great for children and they love it! It improves their motor skills, boosts their creativity, and supports their development while they have fun.

  • Affordable and Fun

    The perfect detail

    Available in different packs at very affordable prices, perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, a themed party, or even school activities.

  • Original Gift

    Surprise your guests

    Forget the typical goody bags and give the kids an original party favour that they can use for a long time, proudly showing off their unique design created by… themselves!

With your purchase, you'll receive a bunch of colouring downloads to enjoy while you wait for your order
  • Individual Pack

    Each set comes in its own individual bag along with all the accessories, making them easy to hand out.

  • Complete Set

    Each individual pack includes a cape, mask, bracelet, five child-safe (non-toxic) colouring crayons, and a balloon.

  • Reusable Bag

    With the packs of 25 or 30 units, you’ll also receive a handy bag, perfect for carrying the sets to the party and reusing as many times as you want.


Non-Woven, a durable and colourable fabric that children can personalize and reuse as much as they want.
Cape: 48 x 48 cm.
Mask: 17 x 7 cm.
Bracelet: 18 x 4 cm.
Individual Pack (costume, crayons, and balloon): 25 x 18 cm.
Closure type:
Cape: adjustable cord.
Mask: elastic band.
Bracelet: soft velcro.
Once coloured, it can be kept clean with a damp cloth, but this won't remove the colours.
Available in packs of 10, 25, or 30 units.
Gift bag:
The folding bag is only available with the purchase of packs of 25 or 30 units.
Recommended age:
From 3 years old.

As a gift
Value for Money
Suitable for children