Learn by Playing



We promote children’s development, encouraging independent learning


We take a fun and creative approach to every one of our products


We want to make our homes safer for everyone

Reward Chart

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    Positive reinforcement

    Improves children’s behaviour by rewarding their achievements.

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    Easy to put on the fridge so that the little ones can put their own stars on.

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    You can easily write on it and set out your own chores.

My Calendar

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    Learn by playing

    Helps children discover all about telling the time, the days of the week,the months and the weather in a fun way.

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    Easy to put on the fridge so that the little ones can update it every day.

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    Specially-designed for children to be able to use the pieces easily and safely.

Colour-your-own Pencil Case

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    A unique gift

    The perfect little gift for birthday parties and all other kids’ parties.

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    The healthy alternative

    A new alternative to giving sweets as a gift.

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    Colouring-in promotes the use of imaginationand encourages children’s development.

Dry Erase Pocket

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    Saves paper, time and money, with just one worksheet, you can do the activity as many times as you like.

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    For all sorts of activities: maths, handwriting…

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    Learn by playing

    Turn homework into a game, as you write all over it!

Making life easier for parents

We want to be there with you on the adventure of parenthood,
a journey that we we started on 5 years ago and which we still enjoy.

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  • At aeioubaby.com, we create our products with children in mind, because we deal with them every day in our


    We take their likes, needs and abilities into account, adding the value of experience to every product.

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